Dating in 2004

Me and my new chumé have now shared enough saliva to go to the next step:
playing ‘everything and anything you wanna know about (lover’s name here)‘.

Type of question that could be used for the game are (you can also invent your own ones, be imaginative):

– why did you moved over here?
– last girlfriend (if and when, how long did it last, why did it ended)?
– tastes (music, food, favorite places, travels, readings, etc.)
– how does he spend time (beside being with you)?
and, the last but not the least,
– is he dating other people (girls/boys/pets) other than you?

Switch, it’s now your turn to answer questions.

There aren’t good or bad answers, but check out for the level of honesty in your partner’s eyes. This might reveal some things you’d better be careful with.

Good luck.

p.s: he keeps telling me that he isn’t reading my blog.

Author: m-c

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