once upon a forest

Joshua Davis’s Once upon a Forest:
A new print piece being installed at the Maxalot Gallery in Barcelona – www.maxalot.com for the upcoming “We have explosive” show. This design (#16) will be printed at 6m x 3m (19 x 9 feet) and also at 120cm x 60cm (3.89 x 1.95 feet).

* once upon a forest


About the upcoming Flash in the can, which will be held this october:
In John Maeda’s new upcoming book “Creative Code” published by Thames and Hudson (rel. 2004) I was given the opportunity to write an essay in the chapter addressing “dynamic abstraction”.

In my session, I’ll be showing how the work was created on once-upon-a-forest.com using this idea of dynamic abstraction.

Fundamentally, art/design has been taught as very static process… executing style/method and arriving at an end result. I prefer to write programs (or machines, as I like to call them)… and it’s these programs that generate the compositions for me. With this method, the end result is never static; making room for as many anomalies as possible, every composition generated by the programs I write is unique to itself. I program the “brushes,” the “paints,” the “strokes,” the rules and the boundaries. However it is the machine that creates the compositions — the programs draw themselves.

stay tuned.

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