Facts about the last days –

. i drove too fast by bike and got really close to get hurt driving back from the one am radio show last night. My arms and belly hurt a bit.

. i bought 2 sark’s books at indigo store. They were 3,99$, i couldn’t resist.

. here are some quotes from the ultimate nap book by sark: “Naps are the adult version of a child’s fort”…”people who nap are often more creatively awake. Napping -especially while dreaming lucidly- can set the stage for outbursts of creativity.” and the one i like the most, “The more naps you take, the more money you’ll make”…
And i’m only at page 23, i felt asleep reading the book.

. I can’t help but think that summer’s gonna end soon. That actually stresses me a lot since i feel like i haven’t spend enough time just playing and not working.

. Still feeding Chumé and Jetaime. Mel’s coming back on friday.

. My own cats are awake and running at 5h45 am each morning since a week. Tired, me?

Author: m-c

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