TypePad.de now online

Typepad, the hosted weblogging service i am using, is now available in german. So it is now available in english, french, spanish and german.

The french and german versions gives the user a 2 months free trial, not fair. I only got a 30 days free trial…

Anyways.. here’s the link:
* TypePad: Ihr Weblog-Service

For all the people who asked me recently about how to start a weblog, i would suggest you start with blogger, if it’s your first time blogging. Blogger is easy to use and is free. Later on, when u get into it and decide that blogging is mostly THE reason why you are here on earth, then you can switch to typepad (or movabletype if you are a geekwiz).

Here’s the link to blogger:
* Blogger

Here’s the link to typepad:
* Typepad

Here’s the link to Movabletype:
* Movabletype.

Wish u much fun – keep me posted.

Author: m-c

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