Me and chumé

Mel is away for some days, so my mission since 3 days is to feed her cat and rabbit.

Her cat, jetaime, and her rabbit are closely living together since last march. Since i didn’t knew the name of the rabbit because it changes everytime i see him, i simply decided to call him Chumé.

Chumé is a nice, soft and not-too-fat-but-just-enough rabbit.

So.. here’s a post about me visiting my 2 friends, much in need of affection and cold water:

Here’s Chumé (Isn’t he cute??)

Here’s jetaime cleaning Chumé

Here’s hm, yeah, a cat wrestling with a rabbit

This is me and Chumé

Me and Chumé.. much in love..

A cat and a rabbit, wrestling for the love of a girl..

And yeah.. everything must end.. here is jetaime, laying on my bag like as to ask me not to leave already… It was fun guys.

Author: m-c

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