if i could, today, i would just drop everything aside and take a train to berlin, or amsterdam. Or just take the train for nowhere.

I had a get together at my place yesterday, because yesterday marked 1 year since i moved back in québec. Thing is, i got up this morning with the urge to move on again.

Is it really my wish to stay here, live here?

Talking with patrick yesterday for lunch, i heard myself saying that i like it really much here, but i dont think i would stay here if it wouldn’t be of all my friends and family being here. I would live in europe, for sure. I like the closeness of everything there. I miss it to just have to drop at the train station and pick a place to travel to, i miss the train really much and german’s landscapes. I’ve been living there for 4 years, i still have lots of flashbacks of the places i used to pass by, places i liked.

* train to holland
* downtown berlin

Author: m-c

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