I have received today a bunch of books i’ve ordered lately. The second book by Lynne Franks, Grow, has finally arrived.

The book looks gorgeous, as the previous one, The Seed Handbook. The dimensions are the same, and it is illustrated by the same previous illustrator.

I went trough the Seed Handbook many times, since i now use it as a tool, a map remembering me what are my goals, my true wishes about what i want to do of this life. In difficult moments, and confusing ones like i have been into lately, it was a relief to remind myself about who i am and what i want. I have read this book after The artist’s way, and i must say it was the best following for julia cameron’s book.

Its already late and i have to get up tomorrow, but i will browse trough the book before going to sleep and should write a review sometimes.

Author: m-c

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