… cheers!

Should i appologize for letting this blog aside? i feel sorry for that, but i just dont feel so much like writting these days.

Is it all because of my new life, my new situation? I am finding myself surrounded with friends, single for the first time in 8 years, and all i wanna do is have fun, laugh a lot, go out and drink and dance. I am 28 now, and i feel like i have been taking things way too seriously lately, and now i just want to give it up and have some fun… I stopped reading 3 books a week and working like hell on my projects. I am spending my time enjoying life and taking it easy, and it is quite nice… I have found back my passion for music, and this is a real revelation for me. Let’s see what’s gonna happen with that. I am looking for dance and signing classes.

Its not that i have nothing to say, but i am asking myself less questions, and trying to enjoy everyday as it is…

Stay tuned, once in a while i will be adding some news, but dont be mad if i stay quiet…

and… Cheers to all of you!

Author: m-c

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