Choices out of fear

A dear friend spoke yesterday of approaching life from two different places – LOVE and FEAR. This idea has stayed with me ever since she shared it and I find it so fascinating and so real. It made me look back at different situations in my past and how the way I dealt with them could have been better had I released fear and embraced love. Of course now I have to try even harder to live by that, even though it feels a little scary. In many ways, holding on to the fear can be easier. It allows us to stay within certain comfort zones, and even comfort zones that aren’t too productive or beneifical sometimes feel safer, because it may be what we are used to.
from Swirly’s journal

So many times in the last weeks, when i had to make choices, a small voice inside me asked ‘m-c, are you making this choice out of fear?’

I had to find a job and a flat in less than 3 months, and so many voices, inside and friends voices, where still repeating me ‘its not possible! there’s no jobs available, everyone is poor and out of work! and even more impossible will it be to find a flat, there’s NOTHING available in montreal!’

I did made the choice not to act out of fear, and to trust that EVERYTHING is possible…

This had lead me to ask myself the same question when i had to make decisions… Am i acting out of fear, and if yes, can i choose not to do so and trust that life will bring me even better than what i am expecting?

Author: m-c

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