Moving again

This week i will be moving again, for the third time in 4 months. No need to tell you that i am really exhausted of packing and unpacking the same stuff in the same boxes.. but this time, it should be for good, or at least for some time.

I have dreamt of this new home for the past 3 months, and i think i will be really happy there. It will be time for me to settle down for real, not temporary anymore, and to get back on my projets. Everything is slowly falling in place, but i am still really confused about what happened and what is happening right now. Just be in the moment is still enough for me to do!

Otherwise, i have received this week my copy of the 2004 Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market, with compliment from the editor, and i hope to have some time to get into it in the next 2 weeks.

I also have bought, for half of the price, Louise L.Hay Wisdom Cards with some more stuff from her. I still really enjoy my old set of Power thought cards bought some time ago but to have new ones is even nicer 🙂 My roomates totally liked them and i guess i will have to buy them some next week.

Author: m-c

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