Fall is here and i cannot deny it anymore. Its cold and gray, leafes are falling, summer is already over.

As i am typing this, we are already october 6th. I realise that i havnt seen that much of last summer, so busy i was with trying to get back on my feet. Time, these things take time…

I am now back here since 3 months. 3 months i wouldnt like to have to live again. The leaving of hamburg, my home, my cats, friends, etc etc. has let me under a great deal of pain and stress which i never thought i would have to face. I knew it would probably be hard, but not as much as it has been. Anyway, wathever has happened to me, one thing i am sure of is that i needed it to grow (and still do) and i also know that each of us, we all go trought these times, we cannot escape it. It feels like having to clean up your whole life whenever you want it or not.

I will be moving in my new home next week, and i am really looking forward to it.

I am also really looking forward working on my projects again… The fall newsletter should be coming soon, and many other things. I just need to settle down first, have my cats back (hopefully until the end of october they will be here), and take it easy for a while…

Author: m-c

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