10 pictures of berlin

I came back from berlin yesterday evening, with tired feet and an exhausted body, but with a head full of images. I have spent the last 3 days walking, way too much, but enjoying as much as i could the delight which is traveling through a city with so much history.

I found berlin to be huge and impressive, i felt almost way too small to fit into it. I tried to explain christine (thanks again for showing me around and taking care of me!!) many times what was so hard to put in words, something you feel while visiting a new place, but you just cant describe. Large streets, huge and massive buildings, the old gray ones letting us remind the scars of this city while some other ones are getting painted in pink, red, yellow, blue, beside many graffitis everywhere in the city.

Here are some quick shoots of the city, i hope you will enjoy them as much as i enjoyed my traveling:

* Kastanienallee

* some graffitis in prenzlauer berg

* city center

* one of many old buidings which are still carrying the part of history

* city center

* from my train cabin

* Alexanderplatz station

* in the surrounding of friedrichstrasse

* View image

* a really nice coffee where christine brought me, near the Hackesche Höfe

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