here we go again

I felt in the last 5 days, that this weblog reflected my actual life situation

– > a mess < - but, as i have realized lately, it is often by getting lost that we come to discover new things. So the last 3 days have been frustrating times for me, considering that i had to upgrade and reinstall this blog software over and over. Now it works, as it did yesterday before it crashed down again. But i am perseverant and positive that NOW IT WILL WORK! So yeah, today was, is, my birthday. Yesterday evening, at 12h, my cat lilo jumped on my working table like to say 'happy birthday m ceeeeeeee!' but hey, i am in central europe time, this means, my birthday was in fact this morning at 9h11 - and lilo was there again 😉 I spent a wonderful day, working on my projects (which by the way doesnt sound so much like work and i feel so blessed about that), and then headed outside for a latte machiato (i drink way to much of these, but the soft toping foam - especially when its made out of soya milk - delight me every time) at one of my favorite place, took a sun bath reading the 5 new books i have received this morning from amazon (coincidence that they got delivered this morning! its like xmas everytime!), did some shopping, and went back home to... hm, well, yeah, fix my weblog. I also feel a bit better since yesterday, would it be that finaly, the planets have made up their mind and will give me a break for some time? i think so, and i even think they will be helping me a lot in the next months, which will be greatly appreciated. Anyway, i will be up tomorrow mornin to check out this solar eclipse at 6h30 am here, will try to take some pictures. For some of you who might not know, this month got 2 eclipses in my sign - a lunar and a solar one. "eclipses are catalysts for change and the harbingers of transformation. Eclipses create change by disrupting the normal electromagnetic pattern of the Sun-Moon field and our own electromagnetic fields", this explain a lot about my and many other people's life situation. Just go with the flow is what to keep in mind. --> i dont know if i am doing the right thing, but i am doing my best

This day was wonderful, and something inside tells me that if i am able to let things go, and continue doing my best and following my feelings, things will even get better.

Author: m-c

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