After hours of efforts (and lots of will) i have restored this weblog.

Lesson 1:
If your boyfriend offer you to set up your weblog, it is nice, but hey, to learn to do it by yourself is even better

So now i have made a huge mess with all my movabletype settings, mixed up everything, uploaded-downloaded-and uploaded again, burned a pizza that ive forgot in the oven, but i finally made it, and will be able to manage it on my own… (yes, ok, i got some help, but most of it was by myself…)

I must write here how much i have MISSED to write on this weblog, how i have realized how it is now more than for fun but anything else than a NEED to share my thoughts… and to have you guys reading and answering and sharing your magical minds.

I am so happy to be back!!! (and yes, i am blog-addicted!!)

more later, and sorry for the stiff movable type layout, i will change it later on.

Author: m-c

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