3 steps to a sustainable lifestyle

3 steps to a sustainable lifestyle is the result of my researches of the last weeks.
I have been brought to this topic while reading ‘The Seed Handbook’, and spent some time focusing on the chapter about sustainability.

“Sustainability is meant to represent values-led enterprise, where environmental responsibility is taken as far as realistically possible within your own specific business structure; human and social rights are taken into complete consideration and there is a desire to nurture and mentor others.” (The Seed Handbook)

This definition got me thinking a lot about my values as a human being, a woman, and a entrepreneur. Sustainability is a term which is often applied to business, but I do believe that as an individual, entrepreneur or not, we can all in our own way create a sustainable lifestyle in our day to day life.

I have made this document with care and passion, with the hope that it could be of a help, so feel free to print it out, share it and use it as you want!

* 3 Steps to a sustainable lifestyle (2 pages pdf – 600kb)

Author: m-c

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