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I have spent the last 4 days just trying to do nothing, and successfully did. Tonight i was asking myself how the hell i would get myself starting to work again and get back to my projects after these 4 days of feeling so good living without my agenda and any to do list.

I guess i needed motivation… and i got some. Genevieve told me about Sabrina’s new website, which i spent half an hour visiting, and from there my head started to spin of ideas and my creative juice started flowing.

How to deal with all these projects which i started lately and which are soooo hard to finish… Each projects first start by an idea, and seem to be fairly easy and quick to do, but then it too often take me ages and turn out to be a long term project. Then i start to loose interest and motivation in the project, but still want to finish it so i can have a feeling of completion. At the same time, i just feel like to start something new instead of working hard trying just to “finish” a project just because i need it to be over.

So yeah, i made a todo list for the next days, so i might come up this week with a comic i am working on since weeks, stay tuned to see if i will make it…

Author: m-c

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