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Reading a lot lately about sustainability and eco-responsibility i have decided to go on and buy my first eco friendly soap, and i might go on with the same for clothes cleaner soon.

Did you know that usual cleaning products can make our indoor air unhealthy, provoke skin, eye, and respiratory reactions, and harm the natural environment?
To slowly switch to eco friendly cleaners is one small thing we can do to stay healthy and save our planet…

* Alternet article about eco friendly cleaning products and brands.

Where to start? Here is a list of environmentally safe cleaning products easy to find in health food stores:
* Bio pac
* Ecover
* Naturally yours
* Shaklee
* Seventh generation
* Ecos

Of course, these products might be a bit more expensive than usual (and so toxic) ones. I see it as an investment for me and future generation.

My view is that if you like a product, anything from a magazine to an artist’s work, you must encourage his creator by buying of this product and making it know to people around you. If you believe in something, share about it!

Author: m-c

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