Our power vs the medias…

Watching tv gets more dramatic everyday. It is really hard to skip through tv channels and find one who has something good to say… I’m really afraid of the consequences of the war, but so do i about the consequences of the coverage of this war by the medias.

How are we supposed to go on? If i close myself to this flow of information, i feel irresponsible towards my responsibilities as a citizen, and if i get the latest infos every day, i get totally depressed by what is going on.

The media coverage of these last days could be called “Scarcity for all” or “stop being happy, because our world is gone mad”…
Didn’t you thought that it might also be time to change these episode of our days that we call “news”? What about news show that would give us 50/50 of good and bad news?

I started to mail different tv station over here, writing them about my wish to hear about good news on their channel. And what if i wouldn’t be the only one doing so? what if we would use our power of manifestation to let the media know what is it that we want?

Like I wrote before, these are times for change. We now know that we have a voice when we use it together, why not using of this voice now?

Author: m-c

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