The war and its effect over me-part 2

I thought my last entry would be the last one about the war topic, but I’ve changed my mind, thinking that other people might feel like i do and that by sharing a bit of my experience I could help others going thru these hard times.

I find it really hard to keep on going with my “normal” life, in fact, my life is not normal anymore, and its the same for all of us around the globe at this time. Things are changing, we are changing because events are changing us. There is good and bad in everything, and i think it is really important right now that we don’t let ourselves falling down. Art is a powerful healer and can be a form of prayer for the artist and the viewer, so let’s make art in any way possible.

Let this hard experience change our world in a positive way – let’s open ourselves, express our feelings and share as much as we can thru writing, painting, dancing, singing, etc. Each of us can do a small step to bring healing and peace around us…

“The transformation of one individual becomes a source of and a catalyst for transformation in others.” – Andrew Cohen

There’s something really interesting that i recommend for everyone to read:

* Ten ‘Inner Tips’ for Coping with the Stress of War and Terrorism. The page is ready to print. Send copies to friends and families, it could not hurt!

Author: m-c

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