The war and its effect over me

I feel sick. I don’t have a cold or anything like that, i am just getting sick of all the events.

You have your opinion about this war, i am still against it. The tv is closed and will stay close for some time. Impossible to visit weblogs anymore without having the opinion of everyone on the topic, this doesn’t bother me, what bothers me is that people are falling into a “i am right you are wrong” position which is getting really extreme.

Our planet is divided and so does the people too. I am against this war, but i will not post here every hour to prove that people who are for this war are stupid and retarded. Where the hell is this going to bring us?

Yes, there is a conflict, people who can’t agree and took actions. Do we all have to follow this anger and divide our world? I am really shocked by everything happening, but i do still respect anyone else who has another opinion on this war – we are all still human beings and anger will not lead us further than where we are right now.

Only history will tell us who is right and who’s wrong. For now, let us try to make our environment, virtual or not, a better place to be. Pray for the best to come, whatever it might be, even if you realize later that you (or i) was wrong. We are all living on the same planet at the end of the day so let’s try to live with our differences RIGHT NOW.

Author: m-c

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