The full moon and my creative process

Since i left my 9 to 5 job, i discovered how far away i was from my body feelings. Of course, working so much didn’t help me to focus on my body needs, and all his reaction to food, stress, fear, weather, people around, etc.

One thing which i realized over the pass months is how my body reacts to the moon cycles. I don’t know how it is for other people, but i guess i must not be alone. My cats are also reacting to the full moon in different way, for example, they get hyper active on full moon nights (not that they are not the rest of the time, but these nights area worse 😉

What usually happen is that i get something similar to an adrenaline rush which last for some days. My mind just speed up, ideas are coming from everywhere and my creativity seems to get to a peak. I start to go to bed really late, get up really early, and feel nervous the whole day. Some months it is a good energy, i get so many things done in so less time, but some other time, i just feel totally nervous and anxious and spend my days turning around not knowing on what to focus, and i just cant concentrate on something.

I guess the moon must affect each of us in different ways, but as an artist, i find it really valuable now to follow these cycles since it can give a boost of creative energy.

*The full moon and its effects on my creative process

Author: m-c

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