My favorite illustrators…

There’s the list of the artists who inspire – influence and motivates me to create more. Originaly started in january 2003 the list still grows:

*NEWLY ADDED Lilla rogers, newly discovered, her naive style is just astounishing,

*NEWLY ADDED Jennifer Kalis, i just love the way she create the background textures in her work, and her work is so luminous!

* Julie Verhoeven, her body of work is just astonishing. She is a designer/artist from England, doing this fantasy colorful fashion line art that just kick me back to the drawing table,

* Donna Ingemanson, she did a lot of really nice, colorfull stuff. I deeply dig her work!

* Gunnlaug Moen Hembery, i dont know how to explain, i just love her line drawing,

* Katherine Dunn,

* Edwina White,

* Mélanie Baillarg, a friend of mine living in montreal,

i’m sure there will be many more to come!

Author: m-c

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