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Many things all mixed together:

First, we got our ikea order delivered last week, and we finally took our courage and built the table and fixed the shades. So with that, i now have my third working place ready, which is really cool. I already had 2 workplace in the flat, but as i get bored really easily and need to see something else than the same office space everyday, i decided to set up other ones. I now have one “station” in the bedroom, one (new one) in the living room, and i have a tiny 1.5 meter high mezzanine where i usually just hang around with the cats and do some collage stuff.

Second, i am again into reading 5 books at the same time (i often wonder if i am the only one doing that, if not, please let me know!) as i just finish Jean Auel “The clan of the cave bear”, which was a delight. I cant wait to grab the second part of it (total of 5 huge books!). Other books that i’m reading are The pendulum kit, which i really like and have lot of fun with. I truly believe in what we call magic, and if i could, i think i would like to be a magician.

Last but not least, there is something i have read today, which is i think the kind of school i would have like to attend.
Healing school curriculum, by Sark
Partial list of classes:
-Handstands, giant balls, trampoline and trapeze
-games of intuition and transformation
-creative math
-spelling for fun
-practical life abilities: studying money, self healing, nutritious cooking
-dream sharing
-time for mystery
-time to surrender
-lessons of the inner critics
-accepting success
-days doing nothing
-gifts of procrastination
-dance, drums, design
-learn to invest in yourself
-recycling of materials, creative re-use
-total self love, marrying the self
… and the list is not even over!
You can find the list in Sark’s Transformation Soup book.

This even sounds more fun than the potion classes they had in the harry potter books…

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