2003 Artist’s & graphic designer’s market

2003 Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market:
2,100 Places to Sell Your Illustrations, Fine Art, Graphic Designs & Cartoons

I just received this book today, and felt overwhelmed just to look at his 682 pages. But looking further, it looks like a good reference book for people like me who are trying to get their work out but don’t really know where to start. Of course it is not the best book to keep on a bedside table, but i might give it a try since it might be of a good help!

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Feb. 11th 2003: I went through the book several times, and i think this is one of the best tool you can get on the market right now if you are like me, trying to find your way selling your illustration, paintings or designs.

The book make a really good overview of many useful topics such as how to approach gift & products markets, magazines, book publisher, galleries, record labels, and the stock illustration market. The book is huge, 680 pages, and most of it is a listing of companies that you can approach, with a good description of their products and specialties, your chances of acceptance, the contact person, what kind of work they are searching for, tips directly from the art directors, and even how much they pay for your work.

Add to this, an article about promoting your work trough direct mail (should you send a resume? a portfolio? a postcard? a cover letter and some samples only?) with some good examples, and a small crash course in copyright.

I think for the price, this book might be really of a good investment and save lots of time and energy in searching how to promote your work and find ways to sell it. Good luck!

Author: m-c

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