Kathy Davis

Browsing from one web site to another i found out Kathy Davis website. Checking the site in details, my mind went on with one idea in mind: This is what i want to do! I want to have my art printed on many products, office supplies, gift, cards, clothes, posters, bills, i want to fill the world with colors!

But then, what happened? My hard critic side went on right away with something like: Hey m-c, wake up! don’t you think that this is the dream of every artist/illustrator on this planet to have his/her art featured on products? Just calm down and get back to your pencils first, then we can talk…

Oh god… Am i hard on myself, am i over dreaming, wishing too much, or am i just one more of these people who want to change the world?

* Kathy Davis website

Author: m-c

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