Transformation Soup

Sark’s Transformation Soup

I have read a lot of good books during my xmas holidays, and offered myself a little extra treat with another book by Sark, called Transformation Soup.

This one is in my opinion the best book Sark wrote. I wonder when i read thru the book, if she can read in my mind and put words on things i can’t explain. It seems to me like if she could see things that i cannot see by myself, like if life would be a wonderful adventure full of colors and i would only see the black and white version… and she is there to remind me that i should keep my eyes a little bit more open…

No wonder that the book is called “Transformation soup-Healing for the splendidly imperfect” when she write about topics such as acceptance of our bodies, imperfections, illness, sadness, money, isolation, aging, food, exercising, and friendships. I did recognize myself a lot in this book, and i hope it could find his way to every human being on this planet since we are all on a healing path somehow.

(A note for those who are new to Sark’s work: her books are beautiful inspirations, and full of insight and magic. They can be read in any order, are hand written and painted with bright colors all around. At the end of each chapter are recommendations of other inspiring fiction, nonfiction, and poetry books, along with uplifting quotes. Her writing is to me like fresh lemonade for the soul 🙂

Author: m-c

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