flying home & my air sickness

It’s time for me to get ready, again to cross the ocean.

I love to travel, but more and more i dislike to fly. My last flight was disastrous,
i went air sick with a bad cold and fever as an extra to all that. Nothing more to add about this adventure.

And now, am getting ready to visit my family for xmas, but also, for 11 hours of flight and time spent in airports. These place have such a bad air quality, it really drives me sick just to think about it. Conditioned air especially drives me sick.

So, i would really appreciate, if anyone of you have remedies to suggest for jetlag and air sickness, to go on. As i am getting ready to travel more and more over the next year, i must find a way to keep the flying time something else than my worse nightmare…

Author: m-c

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