I was sitting yesterday, same coffee i use to go, remembering the lasts times i was there in the last weeks. Somehow these small parts of my days spent outside my studio where kind of refreshing, insight-full, even sometimes extraordinary!.

Its in these small parts of my days that i got my best ideas, saw things clearer, got confident that i was doing the right thing at the right time. Like if i was suddenly out of a fog. Same goes for other “ordinary” activities that turned out to be real inspirations in my days – the sound of the rain, the trees, flowers, the colors of nature – surprising me everyday as i sit to start to work and look outside…

Sitting in this same coffee i was wondering about why everything around me looks so special to me now…

One sip of hot chocolate, i open my book, and at mid page is written as follow:

“We must remember that everything is ordinary and extraordinary. It is our mind that open or close.”
From Natalie Goldberg’s Writing down the bones

Author: m-c

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