What do you eat for breakfast?

Ok, there is time for a pause well deserved. I have worked more on my personal projects in 3 days then in the lasts 2 months.

Coming back from holidays i got totally depressed, but then i got back on my feet, stronger than i have been since long. I decided to (this time its true) commit myself to some yoga everyday. Now that i felt that i finally have the time i always wanted to realize all of what’s on my mind, i found myself without energy to do it.
So, a rapid thinking brought me to the fact that the best way i know to get on my feet on to feel good is to do some yoga.

“First, do not panic”, that’s what i tell myself most often these days. Stay calm, keep fit, everything will be alright, but — do not panic!

So yeah, nothing better than a daily dose of yoga to keep me relax (as much as i can be relax!) and (a bit) centered.

And it works, for now. Of course, i can already see myself so busy and into panic that i will totally forget about it in some days, but the important thing is that i did it for the last 4 days and i feel great. I did more in these last 4 days than i could have hoped.

well, that wasn’t what i wanted to write about…


What did you ate for breakfast?

i have big problem finding cereals that fits to my diet.
I try to avoid white sugar, white flour, so it gets really tricky
to find something good, and for cereals, even worse.

what i wanted to write about is
— Rediscovering our power as customers —

I mostly read what’s written on the packages of the food i eat,
and as a compulsive complainer, this is the perfect thing to complain
about. Too much sugar, no brown sugar, no brown floor, no fruits,
artificial color, flavors, …

but today i woke up and wondered, why are we not letting our
voices be heard? why am i not stopping my complaining sessions
and instead sending emails to these company asking them to make
yummie cereals that would be good for my body&soul?

i think we too often take the bad habit of complaining and not realizing
our power…

so, yes, i am going to send emails, many emails, with all my wish,
and i hope i will be heard. Wanna join me?

Author: m-c

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