The best way to make your dreams come true is – wake up.
Never think of the future – it comes soon enough.


* * *

Yes, that’s it. I have to move on, even if i dont know quite well wich direction to take, i must try something and move on.

I am back from my holidays in holland, i feel much better than when i left,
holidays always help me to take a step back and see things a bit clearer.
At least, i hope this feeling will last for some weeks!

So, as i already wrote, i spent a wonderful time in holland, spending most of my time at a friend’s place in amsterdam. During my trip, i took long walks around amsterdam, walking at least 6hrs a day, and traveled a bit around rotterdam, zandvort (on the sea side) and haarlem. But my best time was both in amsterdam and at the sea. Some pictures will come later.

This was my first “real” trip alone. At least it was supposed to be, until i met a guy from quebec living in amsterdam. I am really happy that my trip turned that way, since we spent nice evening together talking french and drinking beer around amsterdam. If i would’nt have met him, i would have probably spent the week alone in my hotel room, that doesnt sound so exiting…

This kind of change my view about traveling alone. I wanted to do this trip alone, and if i would have stick to this idea, i would have been really lonely and the trip might not have been as nice as it was, really not. I want more of that, more of the unknow, meeting more people on my way, that enrich our lifes so much…

Give me some time to unpack everything, and then i will put some pictures online, with some parts of my traveling diary, later.

Author: m-c

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