short entry before leaving

grrrr… 5 letters and 3 dots can explain how i feel right now. Again, many things to do, but what keeps me mostly stressed out and anxious (and excited and overwhelmed and happy at the same time) is that i am finaly going to travel a bit on my own. Things look like i’m gonna leave for some days in holland, with a bag and a train ticket.

And because of this, i have to put lots of things aside… I never thougth that planning a trip, a short one, would take so much of my energy… That must be the difference of traveling in couple, when you are alone you have to do and think of everything on your own.

So yeah, until then, i will try to relax a bit. Reading harry potter and the goblet of fire really helps. I made it mostly to the end, and hm, i dont really wanna to see the end of the book… it is not often that books can stop me thinking and worrying, but harry does…

Until the moment i leave, any recommendation concerning holland, places to see, and places to avoid, will be more than welcome!

Author: m-c

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