It’s written in the sky

My weekly horoscope, as always, a pure delight to read it from

GEMINI (May 21-June 20):
As global warming continues apace, glaciers and ice fields
from Alaska to Central Asia are melting.
Scientists are excited about gathering all the ancient artifacts
and fossils that are being exposed by the thaw.

I see an analogous process going on in your own life, Gemini.
A deep freeze is losing its grip on parts of your past.
Repressed memories are, as a result, becoming accessible again.
Stories from long ago are returning for another look, perhaps even a reinterpretation.

The historical evidence, laid bare for your review, may have a very
different meaning now than it did before.

Well, i have nothing else to add, i couldnt have found better words
to describe how i feel these days…

Author: m-c

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