A never ending quest


Often i feel like i am turning around, going 3 steps forward, and then 4 steps backward. So many tools i used in the last year, so many books (check out the reading section self exploration books), so many inspiring people on my way, and still, i feel there is something wrong, something missing.
What is it that i am searching for exactly? What is the question i am searching answers for? What is wrong with me?

Nothing, i am ok, you are ok, and ist ok. I am just in a life transition, searching for what i want to do with my life, my talents, my experiences.

Even simpler than that (and not so simple at the same time), i am searching for myself.

I always thought, that those things were only for teenagers. At least that is what i learned at school… (you are growing, it is normal that you ask yourself many questions, that you wonder who you are and all that…its ok… everybody goes thru that period of life…)

Forget about it, it’s a long run, we are all into a quest for self knowledge at different levels. Young adults too.

* * *

I see self-knowledge as a house which i discover a bit more everyday. Some rooms are huge, full of sunlight, clean, quiet, relaxing, healing, smooth, nice
and easy to live in.

Some other rooms are tiny, without any window, no lightning, nothing inspiring in there. Too small, too dark, too… hm, just not comfortable to be in.

Self-knowledge is like exploring a bit more everyday about the house I live in, and learn to appreciate each part of it, the dark rooms and the bright ones, and do the best out of each one. Even the tiny dark room at the backyard can be of a good use If you use a little of your creativity. Maybe there is no need to hide it anymore… maybe you could even invite someone in there…

In learning to visit every part, our own inside, in bringing light, in moving some elements, changing some things, doing some cleaning or repaint new, in using what we thought would never be useful, in opening doors that we’d never dared to open before,

Then we take back our power. Yes.
The power to be who we are with our differences.

Self-knowledge is important, so is self-acceptance…

Maybe you will find yourself different from other people, different from what you would like to be, but maybe it is that difference that will bring something new and unique to this world…

I think i am quite ok.

* * *

Author: m-c

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