Some painting

I just put online some painting i did over the last months. Yeah, getting back to painting is quite hard. Use the pen, use the brush, no undo key, urg… the worse i think is that you must get directly in touch with yourself, and this can be quite painfull, but also quite exciting, you never know, and that is what scares me the most, to not know!

To not be able to change the bkg color or delete a layer (like in photoshop), but to do something, and having no choice to live with it. If you dont like it, well, or you trash it, or you paint over it and start again. But if you like what you did and think its a good direction, well, urg again… it can be that with one stroke with the brush you destroy everything…

It makes me realize how result oriented my mind can be, even if i try to fight hard against it, something inside me refuse to make mistakes, and its hard to live with that part while trying to paint.

Well, still, i try, and there are some, hm, well, yeah, some results…

Author: m-c

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